Seymourville Frac Sand Project - Manitoba, Canada - page 46

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Officers And Directors
John Assman
Joel Schneyer
Lowell Jackson
Rick Williams
Phil Walford
Dave Antony
Al Shpyth
Jason Renkes
• President & CEO Landtran Systems Inc.
• Managing Director Headwaters MB (Denver)
• Chairman Kaiser Energy Ltd - Private oil Co.
• President Blackwell Investor Relations
• President & CEO Marathon Gold
• Metallurgist - Consultec
• EcoMetrix
• PropTester Inc
Charles Gryba - President, CEO & Director
Over 40 years experience in the mining sector including gold and base metal exploration
and open pit and underground mining operations. He has been president of both TSX and
TSX venture companies for the past 25 years with extensive experience raising money for
mineral projects. He has set up mining organizations; permitted and started two mills
mines in the past 10 years. Industrial minerals experience includes talc-magnesite, niobium
and tungsten. Charles has studied Frac Sand extensively for the past 3 years; speaker at
Frac Sand, Industrial Minerals and LNG conferences.
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