Claim Post Resources is an emerging company in the oil and gas services sector. The company is focused on becoming a leading provider of premium white silica sand proppant to oil and gas operations in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. The Company’s flagship project is located ~200 kilometers North-East of Winnipeg, Manitoba close to the community of Seymourville. Claim Post Resources’ “Seymourville Silica Sand Project” is comprised of two properties that immediately adjoin one another.The Company controls 862 hectares of contiguous quarry sand leases.

History: Seymourville Silica Sand Deposit

The Seymourville Silica Sand deposit was discovered in 1977 and was drilled by Manitoba government geologists in 1981 and 1989. Based on the drill campaigns, government geologists estimated a resource of 45 million tons of high silica sand (as outlined in Manitoba Open File Report OF 96-4.) The deposit is hosted within a 25m high hill composed mainly of Lake Winnipeg Formation, which is the on-shore extension of the Historical Black Island silica deposit. In 1980, the deposit was evaluated to a feasibility study level by the Manitoba government at a throughput rate of 500tpd for the production of 99.6% pure silica sand (for use in the plate glass industry). High purity silica sand is currently in high demand the Western Canadian oil and gas fields where it is used as a proppant for horizontal drilling and fracturing.

Frac Sand (Silica Sand)

An example of raw silica sand or frac sand

Frac Sand is also known as Hydraulic Fracture Proppant in the oil and gas industry. There are three types of proppant: Raw Sand, Resin Coated Sand, and Ceramic Proppant. Frac Sand is used in the hydraulic fracturing process. This process includes pumping the frac sand along with a fluid into a closed wellbore with powerful hydraulic pumps with enough pressure to cause the formation to fracture. Frac Sand keeps artificial fractures open once the frac fluid has been recovered and creates a plane of high permeability through which oil or gas can flow. Frac Sand is used in virtually all shale oil and gas wells being drilled in North America today.